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When I began my search for DJ’s I started at the regular bridal fairs where places like Complete Music were offering their services. I knew that I had been to weddings they did before and I just felt that there was something majorly missing. The crowd would come on and off the floor just as quick as the music was played and for me, that was not how I envisioned my wedding night. My goals were for my dance floor to be packed at almost every point of the night and that’s exactly what I got when I hired Dave! I was lucky enough to come across Dave as he did my company’s holiday party and was I BLOWN away by how awesome the music, sound and lighting were. Based on that experience alone, I knew I wanted him to do my wedding when the time came. One of things I enjoyed most was that he actually mixed music and gauged the crowds energy instead of just queing up song after song hitting play and waiting for requests. Dave is fantastic and super easy to work with. Want to provide him a playlist of music? Do it, but I highly recommend letting him do his magic. If you are looking to have a blast of wedding, stop wasting your time and hire Dave! Looking to bump up the wow factor in your wedding? Opt for the additional lighting. Dave came to my venue to hook up the lighting and WOW, it made the ambiance 10 times better than I ever could have imagined. If you are looking for a unique DJ with an awesome personality hire Dave!


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